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Lamar Brickus

Lamar Brickus is a Visual Consultant based in Chester County.   His services include photography, videography and graphic design as well.  Lamar works with the latest equipment to ensure he delivers the highest quality images to his clients. He is also able to travel to your location and shoot your project at a place that best represents you for your personal interest, business or brand with the results of a major studio production.  As a multi-faceted photographer with an innovative approach to your imagery,  Lamar Brickus is a person you must consider.


About Lamar Brickus:


Lamar, is first a father and an artist second who happens to be a photographer.  In 2006, he graduated from Alvernia University (formally Alvernia College) with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sport Management with an emphasis on Business. He has a vision  creativity, and a love for photography, in which he has embraced it with his own style and passion.  Over the past five years, he has said that he is in love with light and how it can create just about anything he, or his client wants. Being able to work with light, pull out a camera with a creative setup, and then have the ability to add graphics and video to the mix, sets Lamar apart from many photographers in society today. He never stops learning new ideas, whether from professional peers or the aspiring talented pool of artists sharing information to all that want to improve their skills, because he wants to offer the highest level of products to his clients.

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